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    Review: The Littlest Owl by Caroline Pitcher, Tina Macnaughton

    Four owl eggs lay within a willow tree and three of them hatch quickly to reveal three owlets. They wait for the fourth egg to hatch and when it does, they see that their fourth sibling is much smaller than them.

    The other three owlets do not seem to pay much attention to the smallest owl. They step on him like he is not there, but he is positive about it all, even as the first three grow faster and learn to fly sooner.

    I loved how the owls were somewhat realistic looking with a bit of creative license. The illustrations were pleasing to look at and fit the story well.

    The Littlest Owl shows how the youngest sibling or the smallest kid or the one who is most different can feel left out things, but it also displays positiveness and perseverance. 

    Recommended for children from three- to eight-years-old.


    Caroline Pitcher

    Caroline Pitcher is the author of many children’s books such as Mariana and the Merchild, Time of the Lion, The Shaman Boy, and Are You Spring?.

    Tina Macnaughton attended John Moores University for art and spent a few years working as a graphic designer before pursuing a career in illustrating children’s books. She has illustrated over ten picture books and some board books.


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