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    Review: Timeless by Gail Carriger

    Disclaimer: No spoilers from Timeless, but read with caution if you have not read SoullessChangelessBlameless, and Heartless!


    Some time has passed since the infant inconvenience was born to Lord and Lady Maccon and given the name of Prudence. Alexia and her gruff werewolf husband have settled into parenthood while living in Lord Akeldama’s second best closet. Lord Akeldama has spoiled his adopted daughter and everyone has settled into domestic bliss. That is, until Alexia receives a strange summons from Alexandria to call upon the vampire queen of the Alexandria Hive. The Maccons and Tunstells board a steamer for an adventure that will change everyone’s lives.

    I am sad to see the Parasol Protectorate end but it ended very well and it was every bit as satisfying as the four books that preceded it: Soulless, Changeless, Blameless, and Heartless. Plus, Gail Carriger has penned a young adult spin-off with the first book coming out some time in February 2013 as well as another adult spin-off debuting some time in 2013, so at least I will be able to return to this world she has created in the future.

    As for Timeless, a few new characters were introduced to the reader, but none that were meant to leave a lasting impression. This fifth and final installment was all about the characters we have already come to know and love throughout the series. Well, okay, I guess technically there was a new character of note although readers knew she would be coming for the last two books: the infant inconvenience in the flesh, Prudence Maccon. As a metanatural, she was a precocious toddler who was a fast learner because of her mother and her ability to steal the supernatural from werewolves and vampires, if only for a time.

    The events of Timeless were almost too much for Alexia, especially toward the end. And readers know how much it takes to upset Alexia.

    I did not think it was possible, but I came to love Professor Lyall and Biffy even more in this book. I really enjoyed every scene that involved one or both of them.

    Alexia’s half-sister Felicity made another appearance which was thankfully brief because she had become even more evil and I was afraid of the trouble she might cause. 

    Madame Lefoux made appearances throughout the book and although seeing her brought up some affection towards her from Alexia, she was not sure she could be trusted again.

    Floote took a turn in character and it became clear that he put his promises to Alexia’s deceased father above all else. Still, by the end, Floote was able to maintain an air of secrecy.

    Gail Carriger allowed her characters to reveal secrets to each other and to the readers, but she still left a lot to the imagination.

    A lot of exciting things happened in Timeless and one thing that had me very worried. New relationships were formed between the characters and just diving back into Alexia’s world was like taking a vacation in another time. The Parasol Protectorate is truly a favorite series of mine and one I hope everyone will read. Now that this chapter is over, I hope to carve out time soon to read the whole series again, but back to back.

    Recommended for teens and adults who enjoy steampunk blended with a few other genres.


    Gail Carriger has several degrees and is a New York Times Bestselling Author. She lives in the States and enjoys English tea and tiny hats. Soulless was her first book and The Parasol Protectorate is her first series. Up next? A Young Adult steampunk series called The Finishing School Series. It will be set in the same world (but twenty-two years earlier) as the The Parasol Protectorate series and the first book, Etiquette & Espionage will be available in February 2013. She also has another adult series up her sleeve that takes place in the same world, but twenty-five years (or so) after Alexia’s books.

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